What Made Virtua Tennis 5 and Top Spin 5 to hurl out of the track of online games?

The New York people are waiting eagerly to enjoy the US Open Tennis Tournament. But, online tennis game fans are left with nothing as the Virtua Tennis 5 and Top Spin 5 are hurled out of the online game competition. The last version of the games was released on 2011. Though fans liked both the games, they were drawn out from online websites for various technical problems. Virtua Tennis 4 had the feel of arcade games, whereas Top Spin 4 was designed specifically for the hardcore players. The Grand Slam Tennis 2 was introduced in the early months of 2012. Even though, it appears like EA, developers might not be involved on developing new versions of the product.
online tennisSo, three years later, there won’t be any choice for online tennis game fans to entertain their time. The casual motion controlled games will only be on the track to support online tennis game fans. Xbox One and PS4 are the next generation games that the tennis fans can expect in the future. Except Gamescom and E3, there is no other tennis game to release in the upcoming years.
But, the annual version of other online sports games will be released for every year. This is because that the sports games don’t require any upgrades. These games are entirely different from the sports where players get options to move other teams and include rookies as well. Online Tennis game is an individual sport and new stars won’t get the popularity overnight. The players presented in both Virtua Tennis 4 and Top Spin 4 is the outdated one. There have been new stars introduced in tennis that both games do not have right now.

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