Biking – The Secret To Long Rides

Biking is one wondrous pastime and activity that cannot be compared with anything else. A long ride where you fly with the wind and that leaves you completely drained at the end of the day is the best feeling. No sport can impart the same emotions. The best part of biking is that you can ride solo up and down hills or go for a group ride.

There is one condition that needs to be taken care of when biking for long hours –strength. A person requires the stamina to be able to bike for long stretches. This strength can’t be built in one go. It has to be increased gradually. To do so, one must go slowly up the length of their rides and the intensity of each. An example would be: if you bike for an hour on the weekend, then add half an hour to the next ride. Then add half more to the next.

Over the next two months, each ride should be increased by thirty minutes. By the end, for eight weeks one will be able to do a century ride comfortably. If you can, then add a trip or two during the weekdays to build your stamina. Increasing the time of your rides is one way to training for long rides. There are some other secrets that come in handy. Hydrating the body is key. One should focus on drinking an entire bottle of water in an hour. This can be decreased if it is not too hot or the exertion level is average. You can mix things in the water to spice up the taste.

Also, have a bite or two of sustenance every fifteen minutes. It is this consistency that is vital. Always refill your snacks and water bottles if you cross a two-hour threshold.  Food and water are crucial but pedaling smart will really change the outcome. Maintain a speed of 90rpm. This will give the muscular and aerobic system a break when it needs it. The logic is that bench pressing a 10-pound weight 10 times is similar to picking up 100-pound weight once, yet the effort you apply is less.

The wind is another thing that can affect long rides. If it is a tailwind, then pedal smoothly and slowly so that when you are returning, you are less tired. If you face a headwind, it is best to work in tandem with other group members. Each person can take turns to shelter the others from the wind. Wind, food, water and training beforehand are the secret to long rides. But that doesn’t guarantee that no aches and pains will flare up during it.

To lessen the chances of cramps occurring remember to move. For example, shrugging for five seconds or more can relieve the pain in the neck and shoulders. Or if you have a clear road ahead, then take one hand stretch it up and then reach back between your shoulders as if taking off a t-shirt. Repeat the same with the other hand.

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