Top Room Escape Games Played

Escape games have become quite a rage in the past few years. Undoubtedly, it offers great entertainment and thrill to the player. The real world games require players to pack up in a room and play together as a team while exploring new clues in the game. You have to use logic and creative thinking to get through the game. You have to do everything within a specified time which is the main challenge. There are a lot of settings possible in these games. From jewel heists to murder mysteries, you can play any of them. There are horror options as well. Here, you will find ghosts and zombies in the game.Room Escape
You can choose any alternate world to get lost in while playing escape games. Room Escape games are fun for people of any age. If you are scared of ghosts and too much action, these are the best categories to play. Many video game lovers enjoy escape games. It is an incredible race against time. Its location is that of a foundry building. It is a single scenario gaming zone. There are other game rooms available with more than one scenario options. You have to get tickets in advance for the best game rooms.

People who love brain teasers have De-code adventures. You will be required to use your reasoning skills to solve the puzzles involved in these games. Higher levels can be played by requesting for hints. You can get entry to such gaming rooms at a pretty affordable price per person. There are mystery rooms that offer many exciting escape game options. Great escape features a creepy scenario. Here, you have to escape from a dangerous tribe to save your life. Everything is limited in a specified time which makes your gaming experience even better.

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5 thoughts on “Top Room Escape Games Played

  1. These days Escape games are very much popular among the youngsters and even oldies. Its a good time pass for all and it also requires some brain storming which will freshen up your mind. One can choose a best escape game from a variety as per there interest and level. I personally play a lot of such games.

  2. Playing escape games are a real thrill as it gives the real feeling of being captured inside the room. Some of my favorite ones are ‘”Diamond penthouse escape”, “Tiny bang story”, “Machinarium” and many more. These games give a real feel of being lost which creates the main adventure and thrill. Anyways I would suggest to all to try once, I bet you all will get addicted to it.

  3. Escape games are the real thrilling game which is in a trend these days among all age groups. I have seen Escape games are being played by all age groups ranging from the children, teens, housewives, retired employees, etc. These days the main reason for the popularity of such games is advanced mobiles,which give access to all such online games easily. Give a Try..!!!

  4. People have many choice in playing Escape games,but my favorite is only one – The zombie escape game. I like it very much from my childhood itself. Today we have also got an option to play escape games in team and groups, which is more exciting. Although I haven’t found a zombie escape game with such options, please inform me if someone get a Team Zombie escape game..!!

  5. I am really getting bored of these escape games nowadays, initially it was quite interesting. Anyways I will suggest you to try such games and also encourage your little ones to play such games. These games give a real time feeling and test your problem solving skills. I am waiting for the developers to launch some new games.

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